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Mother by JenovaTheGoddes
Mother second Jenova fanart (this time together with my OC Ophelia )
First of all...drawing/painting skin is a pain in the ass <.< Meh~ 
Sad artwork is sad and even the glow on Ophy's right eye is sad XD Sorry for le mistakes XD
Silver fox by JenovaTheGoddes
Silver fox
Honestly...first I just wanted to draw a wolf..and what happened? I drew a fox XD Dang.buuut I like the result to be honest ö3ö

Done with paint tool sai aand metallic whatsoever effect with photoshop~

Remnant fox I would say..because of le color ~ (addiction to ff7 appears again *sighs* XD )
Sephiroth by JenovaTheGoddes
Since I haven´t been that active here lately (GOMEN >,.< ) , I have finished some more artworks XD (can be seen on my new facebook page Ophelia Arts 2.0 (The old page still exists, but I´ll delete it soon~ ) . This one here was a FB contest entry and well..I won XD I am kinda proud of the result~ 
Mixed media: Copics and Photoshop
Hope you guys like it ö3ö 

Artists everywhere

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 4:03 AM

Hey there everyone~ 

Now that I reached round about 250 likes on FB, I thought about, to share my page here also. I would like to reach more people out there and propably get some more support (which is needed for an artist like me) . I am always looking for new inspiration, tips for getting better and how I can do things better. There are so many artists out there, those I adore (yes, they are so damn awesome, I can´t even put it into words ) . 
I can say, that art is my life and I am sure, many of you may think the same way like me. Without art, our lives would be kinda empty and grey. Only through art we can show other people, what we really think or feel and it´s a great way to show it, especially there are so many kinds of artist and every artist and artwork is different. We are unique and we should show it as much as possible, no matter if we are beginners or if we do it professional, as hobby or in any other way. Through watching other artists, I learned alot of things and techniques to draw/paint better. 
Especially for me, supporting each other is very important, because we only can get better through practise, critiques and tips, those are necessary.  We cannot develop, if we don´t know, what we could do better, or which steps are important, to reach our goals. We should help each other and I am glad, that I have friends, those tell me their opinions and help me as much as they can. To be honest...I got much better in the last two years and even though I often say, this is not good enough..that could be better and stuff like that, I realize my developement in art. Yeah, I know there still is so much to do and to work on, but I think with enough practise, everything is possible, besides for some time I had a huge problem with an art blockade (which still is there, even though it got better now). 
If support should be needed, just ask me and I´ll do my best to help out :) 

Oh..before I forget..If you are interested in following me on facebook also, here is the link~…

I am always happy, if someone enjoys and likes my work, which gives me the motivation to move on.

Just never give up, no matter how hard it is!


Mood: actually happy

Listening to: Therion- Nifelheim


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Request from JenovaTheGoddes: Kadaj by Little-rolling-bean

hmm i cant say much about me XD
iam a freak...especially of final fantasy (i prefer part 7) and horror.

country : Germany

special things of me: silver-grey eyes , looong hair (uhm i think they are not long enough xD) oh and my freaky character ;)

tools i use for arts: Photoshop CS5 , sometimes Apophysis7X,pencil , ball pen, acrylic pencil, coal, copic marker,fineliner, feather (i really use real feathers xD) , pastel chalk, ash ( you really can draw with cigarette ash...good for clouds~ :3), My camera (Canon EOS 600D)

interests : horror/macabre , anime (horror) , FINAL FANTASY, photography, nude photography (as model...but just as hobby...cause i think i couldnt get much money for it xD) , gothic , dark art, animals (especialy snakes,spiders and black cats), paranormal activities , and many more~

so here are so much great artists in the world and i love to see their arts. so much different but amazing pictures,photos and drawings and i hope that iŽll be as good as them too :3 so i would be glad if some of you maybe could give me tips for better drawings.


also you can see me on facebook~…


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Honestly this is the first time and try with the donation thingy~ I know it might sound weird, but I would like to save for a premium membership. (One of the reasons surely are to get rid of those advertisments, because my laptop is kinda super slow and sometimes those advertisments make it impossible for me to load a page completely.) I am more interested in the fact, to see more of the amazing artworks around here and of course I would like to reach more people with my work. I would be really happy, if some of you could help me to reach this goal~ Besides I have no other possibility to get a premium membership, because money doesn´t work for me~ I also would do some point comissions but actually I have alot of stress going on, so that my head is mostly too full~

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